Some Reflections on Autonomy

Bodily Autonomy in Peril

One of the core tenets of my humanity-centered philosophy is the concept of bodily autonomy. I believe strongly in the rights of human beings to make their own choices as they pertain to their own bodies. Every person's life is their own, and every person is the steward of their own experience.

I rather enjoy being able to make my own reproductive choices (societal barriers to healthcare access notwithstanding). We cannot afford to risk being subjected to neoconservative agenda, which promises in no uncertain terms to enact policy that will quash bodily autonomy and visit further trauma and harm upon vulnerable populations.

There is too much at stake to risk a neocon takeover, now or ever.

Honestly, it comes down to this:

* * * *

Click any of the links on this page to get involved & take a stand. It's not a panacea for all the problems imposed by imperial power, of course, but it's definitely a way to prevent things from getting even worse, which they promise to do if the neocons take over in 2012.