A few random pics, just because, hell, why not?

My locs and I, putting up with each other for 9+ years now.

We've finally developed an understanding.

At Little Next Door in LA.

Cute, cute, cute place, highly recommended!

I'm an unabashed foodie & wine+beer snob. Who is

oddly not at all above weeklong binges of Mama Celeste

pizza. Not sure which I deserve more for that alarming fact,

awe or a public shaming...

A true beach-fiend at heart...

Bemused by some raucous surf youth off to the side hyperactively wrestling

in a pile seaweed & squealing with glee. Doesn't anyone do meth anymore?

Iguazu Falls, on the Brazil side.

My ultra-lame camera phone did this

amazing, amazing, amazing natural wonder zero justice.

Standing humbly on the shoulders of giants.

At a Downtown LA memorial site for the Honorable Biddy Mason.

First-generation, low-income student --> PhD graduate

I cried when my diploma arrived in the mail. I cried a lot.

Eternally grateful to all those who came before me as well as to

all those in the present who have helped me challenge my potential.

Hell yes.

(All photos by Ayana McNair)