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McNair, A. (2012). The Captive Public: Mainstream Representations of the Police and the (Il) Legitimacy of Police Power (Doctoral dissertation, University of Southern California, 2011) (pp 1-211). Ann Arbor: ProQuest-UMI. ☁ © ®

McNair, A. (2010). Them Bad Boys Are Comin' For You: Black Audience Responses to COPS. In L Baruh & J. Park (Eds), Reel politics: Reality television as a platform for political discourse (pp 115-133). Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge cholars Publishing. ISBN: 1443819158.

McNair, A. (2008). COPS TV: Police Brutality as Entertainment. Address presented at Department of Performance Studies Summer Institute: Radical Performance, Neoliberalism, and Human Rights in Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

McNair, A. (2007). Gender Relations in Hip Hop: Lyrical Misogyny and the Consequences for Black Radical Politics. Address presented at Collegium on African American Research [CAAR]: Blackness and Modernities in Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia [UNED], Madrid, Spain.

McNair, A. (2006). Race and Immigration under Capitalism. Address presented at Symposium on Immigration at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

◆   Selected as sole graduate student presenter among tenured faculty panel [feat. Profs. Janelle Wong; Fred Moten; and David Lloyd].

◆   Event featured on KPFK radio: Kolhatkar, S. (Producer). (2006, April 25). Race and Immigration [Transcript, Radio episode broadcast]. Uprising Radio. Los Angeles: 90.7 FM | KPFK.

McNair, A. (2005). Spike Lee: Avant-Garde Filmmaker. In B. Seawell (Ed.), Media in Transition - MiT4: The Work of Stories. Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT].

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