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Writing struggles are normal...

Writing is an integral, unavoidable part of professional life. Like any other skill, eg, algebra, athletics, cooking, an piloting an airplane, it takes time and a lifetime of practice to develop. Because of the constant demands of an increasingly written-communication based culture, writing for some can feel like an unavoidable stressor. Writing can be a significant source of anxiety, for professionals across a wide variety of career fields and experience levels. There are many diverse reasons for uncomfortability with writing, including,

  • difficulty with the technical aspects of writing (spelling, vocabulary, grammar-- the "nuts and bolts")
  • ESL/non-native English speaker
  • procrastination
  • lack of confidence
  • lack of clarity
  • thoughts of the multitude of things you could be doing instead of writing...

The reasons are endless! For a professional touch on writing projects of all types, Beautiful Flower Editorial provides writing proficiency, a creative flair, and an expert eye.

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